Monday, February 20, 2012


Alive, once more. The rage... It was a temporary fix. Haven't had any slips since the last post. Then again, they've been staying away as of late. Something about my current self has them on edge. I've been... different. Happier. More... Normal? Is that the word for it?
No, not normal. Normal people just act happy, as a facade against the world. I've been genuinely happy.
Just as a precaution, last month, I got myself a lighter, a cheap Zippo (oxymoron FTL. It was still $10) from a store. As with any useful trinket I carry regularly and don't mind damaging, I scratched an operator symbol into it. Something about fire just sets me at ease, and that alone says for them to leave me the fuck alone.
If they fuck with my happiness, it's on.

~Steve (Berserker)

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