Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Symbols

I feel now is the perfect time to give a lesson on what is known as symbolism.
Symbolism is allowing one thing to stand for another, e.g. a crucifix for the Christian faith, a handshake for an agreement, language for thoughts, et al.
The reason for this mild lecture is a comment from the (now certifiably batshit insane) Danielle, saying that the (X) is a dead symbol.
Let me tell you all the various ways that is wrong.
1. No matter how hard anyone tries, they cannot kill a symbol. So long as it has significance to one person, the symbol is still alive.
2. The (X) is a variable symbol. For some, it is a protective ward. For others, its mere presence brings problems. Even though it was likely originally luck that determined what it meant to each of them, it now is associated with those things for the respective people. They know it to be a symbol. It's a symbol for thousands of different things, Danielle. And those are the hardest symbols to vanquish.
3. The (X) is dead to Him. So what? He's not human. He has no concept of symbolism. The only thing human about Him is curiosity. And that's why He's keeping you around, Danielle. That's what His agents are to Him. They are proof of His curiosity. He wonders why you fools would willingly follow something that just wants to take everything apart, all of you included. He's testing to see how far He can push a human before we break. And guess what, Danielle? You broke. He has no need for you anymore.

I'm going to stop writing now. Headache. Until next time, this is Steve, logging off.

Friday, July 8, 2011

So much for darkest before the dawn...

If you've been reading everything on this blog, you'd see what happened a while ago. Danielle has completely fallen off the deep end. Apparently, there's no saving her now.
As for me, I can't sleep on a regular schedule anymore. Something just happened to frak up my sleep schedule enough to get me to a point where the only times I sleep are during the day. Give you three guesses what it was, and I'll tell you it wasn't caffeine, even though I down enough to knock a man twice my size off his feet twice daily.
Proxies have been quiet recently, though. Gotta be worried about a sudden lull in activity. Either they're preparing something here, or they're doing something somewhere else.
I shouldn't have to tell any of you this, but stay safe. And remember, let me try anything crazy before you do. I'm not Maduin, but I'm still fully capable of testing a few theories. Don't know if my "untouchable" status has been switched off yet, but if it has, I usually have luck on my side.
So, until next time, this is Steve, signing off.