Monday, March 21, 2011

Tired, as usual

I'm feeling more wiped out than usual today, so I thought to myself, "Hey, self, why not post a blog update? That doesn't take too much effort."
Good idea, self. Very good idea.
Apparently, Slender decided to step up His security surrounding me. He's keeping me protected from... something. Maybe there's something else after me. He would know.
He's been following me since... Well, it's been a while. If I had to guess, I'd say about twelve years. He's never so much as sent a proxy after me or anyone I know, but He's been around. In some sort of Slenderized (translation: completely fucked-up, as with everything Slender does) way, He's kind of a benign entity in my life.
Doesn't stop Him from pissing me off by fucking with other people.
Well, I figure that's enough ranting. Time for me to sign (x)ff.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm back

Sorry for not writing more. I've just been busy recently. No college this week, meaning I have an extra hour to devote to my favorite activity: hunting down Agents. Yes, I've realized that they usually can't be reasoned with or helped, but I'd still offer them a chance for redemption. It's sad, really. Either mind-blistering mad, or backed into a corner by Slenderman. I actually do pity them.
Doesn't stop me from trying to hunt them down, though. Their boss has ruined enough lives. There's only one currently I wouldn't capture, and that's Danielle.
The whole cult thing... yeah, that was nothing. Just a couple of nutjob preproxies convinced that they could control Him. They came at me with knives when I told them what I was planning. Let's just say Slender didn't approve of his future pets trying to kill someone on His "don't touch" list. I swear, that list has given me so much leeway it's not even funny anymore. Slender apparently wants me alive, or else He would have killed me right then and there.
A few things I've noticed:
I've started losing things. Just small thing, like coins, cards, pebbles... trinkets in general. I think He's paying visits and taking things. Klepto bastard needs to find his own pencils.
I've started becoming more iritable. Well, that's not really accurate. I've started acting more honestly. It might have to do with my caffeine reliance, but I honestly don't ever remember acting like House when I don't get my coffee before.
I'm tired more often. I just feel completely drained after a full day of school. No real reason why.
Well, I'm signing off now. If anyone has anything to say, say it here. I might not post for a while again.