Tuesday, August 16, 2011


That last post was just me rambling. Tends to happen when my headaches get worse.
Caffeine addiction is a weakness I've been living with for years. Compared to the withdrawal symptoms I get after two days, the shit I put up with when Slenderman is around is nothing. However, when you combine the two, you get me rambling and spouting out every thought that goes through my head just to prove to myself that I'm still a functioning human being.
And yes, that's what happened. He showed up in my weakened state, and I was barely able to stay conscious. Headache persisted through the entire day, despite caffeine treatment. Nausea lasted for about 2 hours. Smell of blood (possible indication of nosebleed) continued for five hours.
He's fucking with me. He's just taunting me. This is how he plays with his victims.
Unfortunately for him, he's dividing his efforts right now. There has been a lull in proxy activity in the region, signifying a lack of (non-me) targets and a lower troop availability. So, I'll probably live for quite a while longer, while he continues to fuck me up.
Wish me luck, everyone. I'm about to try something stupid.

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